Plans Are in the Works for a Massive Development in Southie
There is a lot of buzz in the real estate world about developers Hilco Global and Redgate. The pair is gearing up for a 15.2-acre development right on the South Boston waterfront. If the project goes forward, we’ll see seven new buildings, including 1,588 apartments and condos, a hotel, office and retail space, and nearly 1,000 underground parking spaces. Plus, a new road off Summer Street, space for “arts and industry,” and a new plaza.

The development would take the site of the former South Boston Edison Power Plant. And with this much to build, it may be the largest development to ever hit Southie. So, we can expect some dialogue with local government and changes of plan. Hilco Global and Redgate filed their plans with the city in May 2017, but already anticipate some challenges. There is worry about whether the underground parking will offer enough spaces for 1,588 condos and apartments, plus all that retail and  office space.

Since construction is not slated to start until 2018, and finish in 2030, there is time to work out the kinks. Still, this much growth and change is sure to bring excitement to the South Boston waterfront. The skyline, with seven new buildings – three of which may be taller than 200 feet – would look very different. New living space may be great news for would-be South Boston residents, as this densely populated area can make it hard to pin down a rental – unless you get some help from South Boston Apartments.

While the project is a huge undertaking, it will not all be built from the ground up. When they met with community members, Hilco Global and Redgae heard a lot of support for historical preservation. So, the developers plan to preserve and restore three turbine halls.