South Boston Rent Calculator

Rent Calculator
Find the perfect apartment you can afford!

With all the growth and development that has hit Southie in recent years, you might be nervous about finding a rental you can afford. But the right South Boston apartment for you is out there.

South Boston Apartments is the tool you need to prepare for it and to find it. Check out our budgeting tips, then enter your annual income into the handy rent calculator below to get an idea of your price range.
  • Use the one-third rule. An easy way budgeting experts recommend to figure out your living expenses is called the one-third rule. Simply take your monthly income and divide it by three. The number you get is a great starting point for your living expenses. But remember, living expenses means more than just rent. Factor in recurring costs like gas and heat, internet, and transportation.
  • Think about your day-to-day habits. Do you prefer to relax at home during the evenings and weekends rather than spend money going out? Consider allocating more of your budget to your apartment so you can afford a more comfortable, roomy space. Or, if you love to travel and go out rather than spending much time at home, look for less expensive South Boston apartments for rent.
  • Get organized and informed. Do some research on the neighborhood. What are typical heating and cooling costs in the part of Southie you want to move to? And, when you meet with prospective landlords, ask the right questions. Is there laundry in the building? What about parking? Are the appliances energy efficient? Write down what you want to ask before seeing the apartment so you do not forget.
Use the nifty calculator here to get a better sense of your housing budget.